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West Lake Auto in Colonia New Jersey is a complete automotive service and repair facility.
We service all makes and models foreign and domestic with pride, precision and care.
Servicing Domestic & Foreign Automobiles
Reliable and Trusted

West Lake Auto is your reliable and trusted

auto service provider with a proven track record of satisfied customers for over 25 years.


If you just moved to town, read about us in a flyer, heard about us thru word of mouth, or just need a new mechanic and repair shop - then West Lake Auto is the right choice for all of your auto maintenance and repair service needs.


West Lake Auto has been in the business of auto maintenance and repairs for over 25 years. They have extensive knowledge of may makes and model vehicles.

Gregg and Frank (once both employees) currently own the business and take great pride and care in maintaining and servicing their customers vehicles.

Extensive Services

West Lake Auto does a thorough inspection of every vehicle that they service.

Systems and components that need attention now or soon will always be recognized. All recommended manufacturer service and checks are followed. A thorough and careful service history record is kept for every customer.

Contact Us

West Lake Auto
160 Lake Avenue
Colonia, NJ 07067

Tel: 732-574-2334 

Fax: 732-574-0835

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 08:00AM – 06:00PM Saturday: 08:00AM – 03:00PM

Sunday: Closed


General Maintenance, Tune Up, Oil Change, Brakes, Tires, Engine, Drivetrain, Heating, Cooling, Ignition, Electrical, Safety, Inspection.

West Lake Auto is proud to offer you trusted repairs at a fair price.

Community Involvement

West Lake Auto is proud to be a part of our community, helping local organizations.




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During hours of operation - call us

After hours, call 732-381-4536 

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